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                    WW2 programme for schools and museums


Example of a WW2 programme for schools



We start by asking the students what they know about WW2.

We discuss the end of the Great War and the growth of Germany before WW2.

The Home Front, with the build-up to Dunkirk and the evacuation of British troop from the beaches, the Battle of Britain and the threat of the German invasion, operation ‘Sealion.’ 

The Home Front, "show & tell" with a selection of gas masks, including the baby’s, a child’s ‘Mickey Mouse’, adults and finally a soldiers gas mask.  

The Blitz, explaining about the bombing of London, displaying an original German Fire Bomb and a Butterfly Bomb, how to deal with a UXB (un-exploded bomb). 

Air raid warnings, using an original WW2 siren (which is loud), bomb shelters etc. 

The "black-out" and what you had to do to make sure that no light was showing from your home.  Also how people moved around at night in the dark. How did farmers stop their cattle getting shot at etc. 

Rationing, what was rationed and show an example of a weeks rations for one person. 

Selecting volunteers, dress them in the uniforms of an ARP warden and a Home Guard soldier.   

The build –up in England of the British and American army in preparation for D-Day.

Selecting volunteers to dress-up in the following uniforms:- 

A British Paratrooper, who would have been one of the very first soldiers to land on D-Day.

A British Commando, who would have landed on the beaches at 07.30 am.

A British Officer.

An American Officer, who would have landed at either Omaha or Utah beach.

2 x  German soldiers, who would have been defending the beaches.


Questions & answers.


   This programme can fit in to any time during your school time-table. 

 The presentation will last from 1 x hour, 1 1/2 hours or  2 x hours.  This would be divided into two halves,  with a 10 min break in between, and would be for the entire year group. 

     With Khaki on Campaign visiting your school, there is much to be gained in a very enjoyable and great educational aspect.  Also, the cost and logistics are very much less than hiring coaches, long journeys, with the result of far less time to learn !   

With our presentation, your students will understand so much more about the British ‘Tommy’ and the life on the Home Front. 

This learning opportunity will truly enhance the students knowledge to  help them gain that extra knowledge towards their history exams.


All our staff are CRB checked


All the weapons used during this presentation are fully de-activated to Home Office approval and DO NOT WORK, copies of the de-activations certificates can be supplied on request.                                            

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