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                   WW1 programme for schools and museums


Example of a WW1 programme for schools


We ask the students of any knowledge of the Great War and how it started. 

Selecting volunteers to be dressed in the uniform & equipment of the British Soldier of 1914.  This includes detailed information about all the kit issued.  

Recruitment;  The Kitchener Volunteers and what inspired these men to enlist.

Cover under age enlistment and why.

The winter of 1915 and the cold weather clothing issued & non issued, (great coat and goat skin).  Student participation get them dressed in the clothing.

The very first gas attack on 22 April 1915 and the effects that the gas had on the men.  Show and demonstrate many types of gas hoods and respirators.

What is a trench? 

Every day life in the front line, sleeping  during the day and working at night. Restricted movement, repairing of the front line, barbed wire. How and where do you eat and wash in the front line trench.

Sending men on a trench raid and talk about the importance of obtaining information.

Show the many types of trench clubs & fighting knives. 

 Talk and demonstrate the many different types of hand grenades used from 1914 to 1918. 

Diseases from rats, lice etc. and how the soldiers coped with this.

Artillery and explain about how a man could be blown to nothing,

The German soldier, explaining about the uniform and  equipment, again using volunteers.

 Finishing the presentation by talking about the amount of men killed on both sides. Also about the very first, the very last and the youngest soldiers killed, in this war " to end all wars " who fought for Britain and the Empire. 

Finally, questions & answers.


This programme can fit in to any time during your school time-table. 

 The presentation will last from 1 x hour, 1 1/2 hours or  2 x hours.  This would be divided into two halves,  with a 10 min break in between, and would be for the entire year group. 

     With Khaki on Campaign visiting your school, there is much to be gained in a very enjoyable and great educational aspect.  Also, the cost and logistics are very much less than hiring coaches, long journeys, with the result of far less time to learn !   

With our presentation, your students will understand so much more about ‘Tommy Atkins’ and the Great War. 

This learning opportunity will truly enhance the students knowledge of “ Life in the Front Line “ and  help them gain that extra knowledge towards their history exams.




All our staff are CRB checked


All the weapons used during this presentation are fully de-activated to Home Office approval and DO NOT WORK, copies of the de-activations certificates can be supplied on request. 

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