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Quotes It was without doubt one of the most amazing days I have ever organized for my students. The group did five one hour sessions over the day to approximately 35 students per time. The students sat absolutely transfixed from beginning to end. The group sends two experts who come in full World War I uniform and bring a whole range of artifacts. They did a talk which covered life as a soldier in the trenches and handed round a whole range of artifacts for the kids to handle as they spoke to them. The students have not stopped talking about the session in over a week. It is brilliant for our continuing World War I lessons as it really brings their work alive. We did lessons on the trenches last week and the Battle of the Somme this week. Both have been enhanced by the visit. I cannot recommend the Khaki on Campaign group enough. I would happily advise any school to have them visit and am utterly convinced that you will be pleased with their work and be having them back every year. Quotes
Stephen Drew
Passmores school, Harlow, Essex

Quotes 'The speaker was brilliant, he must come back every year.' The students all voiced exactly this sentiment, and I'm in full agreement. You were absolutely superb and I will not hesitate to use you again if we have another History Day next year. Quotes
Jon Tyler
Denstone College Uttoxexter

Quotes Hi Richard, A couple of twee quotes from my students when asked the question: what did you enjoy the most out of the day? (every student said your talk.) ?I enjoyed the Corporal Knight talk because he made it interesting and funny and he gets you tuned in to what he was talking about ? I enjoyed it when the man came I and talked to us about World War I. His name was Corporal Knight. It was very good because he was really funny and made you think about it and all the things he said put a picture in our head.? Thanks again, jane Quotes
Jane Pearson
Beaumont school, St Albans, Herts

Quotes Can I just thank you for the wonderful day we have just had. Dickie was brilliant. I have heard nothing but praise for his session from teachers and students. It mixed great subject knowledge, excellent delivery and plenty of humour, and kept the kids engaged for over 3 hours. No mean feat. We will definitely book again for the same time next year. We'll also send you some photos soon. Once again thanks to Dickie for such a great day. Quotes
Adam Powell
ACS Cobham International School

Quotes Over 300 people attended a '90years of Remembrance' event in Carmondean Library, Livingston, organised jointly by West Lothian Local History Library, West Lothian Family History Society and the BBC. One of the highlights was the presentation by First World War re-enactment soldier, Richard Knight. Please click & paste on this link Quotes
WW1 display
Carmondean Library, West Lothian

Quotes November 17, 2006 AS Cranleigh prepared to remember its war dead at the weekend, pupils at Glebelands School were getting a taste of trench warfare. Renowned historical educational and re-enactment group, Khaki on Campaign, visited the school on Friday last week to allow Year 9 students the opportunity to handle artefacts and take part in demonstrations to experience weapons and warfare. It is linked to the work that the students have been carrying out in class, studying topics such as trench warfare and new technology during the First World War. ?It has been a valuable, informative and fun learning experience for the Year 9s and has helped to consolidate the learning that has taken place within the classroom,? said a school spokesman. Quotes
Glebelands school, Cranleigh, Surrey

Quotes World War I Experience for students This term Year 8 students were given an insight into the horrors of life in the World War I trenches as part of their History curriculum. Richard Knight, a living historian from 'Khaki on Campaign', demonstrated original and authentic uniforms and equipment that were worn, carried and used by the British Army during WWI. His presentation gave the students a vivid insight into the life of the British 'Tommy', or as he said from the contents of his pockets, to the weapons he carried. The students really enjoyed the event. Billie Nesbitt said, 'it was really good, I tried on the goat skin uniform which was used for both the British and German Army, it made me feel really hot'. Daniel Forbes said, 'I found the whole experience really interesting, particularly learning about the uniforms and guns' Lucy Paulyn said, 'it was really interesting and much more fun than a normal lesson because volunteers were picked to try out uniforms' Quotes
Helena Romanes school, Essex

Quotes Hi - just thought I would 'bump' this brilliant company up. Richard Knight came into our school recently to talk to our year 9s about WW2 and the Home Front. He has the uniforms, guns etc that the students were thrilled by. He really involves the students! I also have him in for WW1 as well. I tend to have his talks in one hour slots - 2 classes at a time - and this works well. If anyone wants any more info then pm me please - an excellent bloke and he holds the Year 9s attention throughout. Quotes
Helena Romanes, school Essex